How to Use a Planner Effectively

Using a planner in your everyday life is a fantastic way to meet your goals, set yourself up for success, and to stay organized. But the most important part of utilizing your planner, is to make sure that you're using it effectively. Here are some great tips on how to use a planner effectively.  

How to Use a Planner Effectively 

Use Your Planner Daily 

When you first decide that you want to start using a planner to maximize time and organize aspects of life, it's easy to get excited, and then forget to actually use your planner everyday. 

To combat this, make it a habit to crack open your planner every morning and see what the plan is for the day. Doing this will help jump start your day on a productive note, and you'll be more likely to follow through with the things you've written down. 

Only Use One Planner at a Time 

With all the pretty printables and planners out there, it's tough to settle down on just one. But trust us, pick the one you love the most and stick with it! It'll keep you more organized in the long run because everything will be in one general place. 

Write Complete Sentences 

If you're in a rush and quickly scribble something in your planner, it'll become a hassle to read the next day if it's full of vague wording. Take the time to write clear concrete sentences that you can actually read. 

Use a Pencil or Erasable Pens 

Life is unpredictable, and sometimes even our best laid plans can suddenly change. Make sure you're writing in your planner with something you can erase, such as a simple pencil or some colorful erasable pens. It will save you tons of valuable space in your planner.

Utilize the Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Section 

Don't forget to use all of the available sections in your planner! 

For example: use the daily section for your everyday responsibilities. The weekly section for small upcoming events that you need to remember. And the monthly section for things such as financial responsibilities or important deadlines you have coming up. 

Just by putting these tips into action, you're setting yourself up to have great planning habits down the line! If you're completely new to using a planner, The Planner Obsessed™ Planner [Gold Edition] will help you get started.