Desk Organization Tips

Have you noticed that when your work space is clean, you're more productive? It's not a coincidence! Constant clutter can put a damper on your concentration and productivity. To get the most out of your home office, here are some of our best desk organization tips!   

Desk Organization Tips

Store Important Papers 

If you let your desk overflow with random papers (bills, letters, etc.) it'll be very easy to lose an important document that you may need later. Keep all your papers in a letter tray organizer. This one is the perfect size to store on your desk!

Clean Your Desk Weekly 

Make it a goal to give your desk a cleaning once a week. Wipe it down and do some heavy dusting. Cleaning it consistently every week, will also force you to put things back in their proper places. 

Organize Your Drawers

Instead of throwing any and everything in your desk drawers, only put specific things in them. For example if one of your desk drawers is dedicated to housing your mailing supplies, only put your mail supplies in there! 

Utilize Floating Shelves 

If your desk doesn't have enough storage to hold all your stuff, consider buying floating shelves. They're lightweight and can be hung right above your desk. 

We hope these simple tips will help your desk become more organized!!